With a combination of oud, double bass, percussion and saxophone the four musicians create an intricate web of european jazz beats and arabic music tradition which overcomes all musical styles.
Barbara Hordych
Süddeutsche Zeitung


Crossing borders requires courage, creativity and openness for a new form of social and musical composition. The four members of the Beyond Borders are united in the dream to overcome those borders. They break up cultural boundaries, surpass geographical barriers and social and political stereotypes in order to connect the arabic and the western world.

With this new release called Beatles Go Egypt, the four musicians tap into uncharted waters: They are underlining famous songs by The Beatles with Gnawa grooves and reinventing melodies in the maqam tradition. These ‚western‘ hits are paired with Jazz and Rock-influenced interpretations of songs by Egyptian luminary Abdel Wahab. A modern, border-free look on the popular music of the 60s from two different worlds, combined in one al-bum.


Aktuelles Album

It Just Happens


2 November 2024

Beatles go Egypt @ Wendlandjazz / Göhrde

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Göhrde Germany
21 February 2025

Beatles go Egypt @ Kulturhammer Thierstein

Thierstein-Kaiserhammer Germany